A Closer Look at Schleich’s Exclusive Blue T-Rex!

alt="Schleich Blue T-Rex"

Last February at the New York Toy Fair, Schleich unveiled their North America Volcano Playset and us dinosaur collectors spent nearly a year anticipating its release. It’s priced around $100 and, while that may not be in everyone’s budget, it’s well worth it. At nearly two feet long, over a foot tall, and weighing in close to fourteen pounds, you can’t say you aren’t getting what you pay for. It also comes with two dinosaur models; stegosaurus and an exclusive blue T-Rex! A full review of this playset is in the works but today I’m going to take a closer look at this fantastic Tyrannosaur. I confess that most of my excitement revolving this playset was in regard to this piece and was reminded of that when I finally got to hold him in my hands.

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2017 Wild Safari Feathered T-Rex: Beautiful if Unsteady!

alt="Wild Safari Feathered T-Rex"

2017 Wild Safari Feathered T-Rex

Of all Wild Safari Ltd’s new 2017 offerings, the feathered T-Rex was the one I most anticipated. While the presence of feathers on dinosaurs has become elementary in the last twenty years, some older enthusiasts have a harder time accepting it in relation to the most notorious dinosaur of all. Perhaps in our minds, the presence of quills detracts from Tyrannosaurus Rex’s image; seeing it more as an overgrown chicken rather than a fearsome meat-eater. However, the type of feathers and its disbursement is the real question and their presence need not make the animal less impressive in that regard. Scales, feathers, and smooth skin are all seen in their descendants, birds, and are sometimes even all exhibited by the same organism.

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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center’s Monsters of the Deep!


Xiphactinus replica – Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

Although I’m fascinated by the ocean, I confess it scares the Hell out of me. I’m pretty sure it stems from seeing JAWS when I was kid, and that I’m far from alone in that regard. Millions of years ago, however, there were far deadlier creatures lurking in the ocean depths than a rogue great white shark. The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center dedicated lots of space to both bones and replicas of prehistoric sea beasts and I thought it was fantastic!

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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Spotlights Modern Prehistoric Discoveries!


It was a long drive from Moab, Utah before we’d reach the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Colorado; welcomed by replicas of a Styracosaurus and Daspletosaurus standing proudly outside its entrance. In choosing not to display the more traditional T-Rex and Triceratops, we could already see that this attraction would make good on its slogan of being a “whole new species of fun.” The Styracosaurus’ vibrant colors reinforced that boast as modern research suggests dinosaurs were actually quite colorful rather than the drab hues most of us saw them depicted as having in popular culture.

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2017 Einiosaurus joins Wild Safari’s Ceratopsian Herd!



Wild Safari Ltd. Einiosaurus

Dinosaur diversity is never more striking than it is with Ceratopsians. The famous Triceratops may be the largest and more famous example of these, but there are many more notable species with unique bony head plates and horn features. While some Paleontologists debate whether or not some of these “different” species aren’t actually the same animals found at different stages of development, we model collectors can rejoice in the fact that toy companies are eager to produce them. This year sees the addition of a new ceratopsid model representation and, Einiosaurus. Interestingly, from TWO different companies; Wild Safari Ltd and CollectA. Last week received my first of these from Wild Safari and here’s the low down…

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Revealing St. George, Utah’s Dinosaur Discovery!


I honestly never thought much about the State of Utah before visiting there last summer but was immediately captivated by its natural beauty. Utah is also a treasure trove of geological wonders with a direct link to a group of animals I absolutely adored as a kid and am still fascinated with today. Although it wasn’t the primary theme of our road trip, there was no mistaking that my best friend and I had entered the land of the dinosaurs and our journey would take a prehistoric turn. It all started on Tuesday, June 14th as we were just about to leave St. George when my buddy noticed a sign for the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. Thankfully we’re of like mind when it comes to these sort of things so, with absolutely no debate, we altered our original plans in favor of staying in St. George a bit longer. I can’t tell you how glad he saw that sign! Then again, this place was all about surprising discoveries.

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