2017 Einiosaurus joins Wild Safari’s Ceratopsian Herd!



Wild Safari Ltd. Einiosaurus

Dinosaur diversity is never more striking than it is with Ceratopsians. The famous Triceratops may be the largest and more famous example of these, but there are many more notable species with unique bony head plates and horn features. While some Paleontologists debate whether or not some of these “different” species aren’t actually the same animals found at different stages of development, we model collectors can rejoice in the fact that toy companies are eager to produce them. This year sees the addition of a new ceratopsid model representation and, Einiosaurus. Interestingly, from TWO different companies; Wild Safari Ltd and CollectA. Last week received my first of these from Wild Safari and here’s the low down…



Wild Safari Ltd. Einiosaurus front

Einiosaurus (pronounced EYE-NEE-O-Saurus) means “Buffalo Lizard” (Einio is the Black Foot Indiana word for Buffalo). At this date, the animal has only been found in Montana and, in 1985, famed Paleontologist Jack Horner discovered a group of fifteen individuals in two low-lying fossil beds. This has led scientists to concur that they lived in herds. The only known museum to currently display specimens of Einiosaurus is Montana’s Museum of the Rockies.



Einiosaurus is believed to be closely related to Styracosaurus, Achelosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus. It belongs to the Family Centrosaurinae (which include the rhino-like ceratopsians). It’s believed to have been preyed upon by Daspletosaurus.

So let’s take a look at what Wild Safari came up with…



Wild Safari Ltd 2017 Einiosaurus


At first glance. I love the stance of this model. It looks as if it’s either getting reading to “paw” the ground before charging or perhaps rendering a defensive pose with a predator.



Wild Safari Ltd 2017 Einiosaurus


The colors initially seemed rather dull to me but, at closer inspection, revealed a lot of subtle variations which added to the overall detail. The frill has painted “eye” markings which have been seen in other dinosaur models and media. This feature is based on the theory that some dinosaurs may have used eyespot mimicry; something seen in many modern creatures such as moths and caterpillars. If dinosaurs did have this feature, it would likely have been used to ward off potential predators or, as in the case of peacocks, to attract mates.



2017 Wild Safari Einiosaurus Face


Wild Safari usually does a great job with scientific accuracy and, based on current discoveries, this figure is no exception. The scales are rough and in multiple size and shapes. If you flip the model over you can also see it has a cloaca; singular opening where all defecation and sexual discharge takes place.

GENERAL APPEARANCEGreat details and interesting stance!

SIZE6.25 inches long and 2.5 inches high

SCIENTIFIC ACCURACYWild Safari took great care keeping this model as accurate as possible.


DISPLAY/DIORAMA WORTHYThe dynamic pose makes it perfect for your dino diorama and is a welcome addition to my ceratopsian shelf!

BEST IN SHOWThe jury is still out until CollectA’s Einiosaurus shows up later this year for comparison.


Dave Fuentes~

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