2017 Wild Safari Diplodocus: Long, Blue, and Detailed too!

<img src="Wild Safari Diplodocus 2017.jpg" alt = Body" />

2017 Apatosaurus Wild Safari Ltd

I love adding new sauropods to my display and diplodocus’ are always a great addition as they’re the longest of the long-necks. Wild Safari’s latest offering captures this aspect of the creature (love the curly tail) and also drew me in further via a striking teal/turquoise color scheme.

Diplodocus Body

This diplodocus also has some great texture and details,…right down to its tiny, little head.

<img src="Wild Safari Diplodocus 2017.jpg" alt = face" />

If you’d like to see how this model stacks up with the sauropods, here’s a shot of it amongst my ever-growing herd…

Can you spot Wild Safari’s 2017 Diplodocus?

Here’s another comparison shot with the Carnegie Diplodocus…

<img src="Carnegie vs Wild Safari Diplodocus" alt=diplodocus model"/>

Carnegie Diplodocus vs. Wild Safari’s

Let’s break it down…

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Striking color choice and I love the curly tail! Also great texture and scale bumps.

SIZE: At 18 inches long, it’s definitely the right size for a Diplodocus model. Dimensions are 18x6x3!

SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY: About as good as it gets! Not too bulky and the spike claw on front feet.


DISPLAY OR DIORAMA WORTHY? Definitely! Although it the neck and tail were bendable, you could make yourself a more diverse herd!

Dave Fuentes~


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