How does Safari Ltd’s 2017 Giganotosaurus Measure Up?

During the Late Cretaceous, and about thirty million years before T-Rex would reign over North America, an even larger meat-eater dominated what is now Argentina. Giganotosaurus (Greek for “giant southern lizard”) was discovered in 1993 and, so far as size goes, measures around forty-five feet long; placing it somewhere between Tyrannosaurus Rex and the great Spinosaurus. The current consensus in the Paleontology community is that this beast likely hunted in packs and may even have taken on the fifty-ton Argentinosaurus; one of the largest sauropods to have ever lived.  Fifteen years after its discovery, Safari Ltd released a Giganotosaurus model as part of its Carnegie line (1989-2015) which, incidentally, I’d LOVE to add to my collection. Since then, Schleich released their own version in 2014 (which will be featured in its own post soon) and this year Safari released another Giganotosaurus a.k.a. the subject of this review. Giganotosaurus is part of the Carcharodontosauridae (“shark-toothed lizards”) family of theropods who rank as some of the largest predators to have ever walked the Earth.

I have to say, next to their new feathered T-Rex, this was the Safari Ltd. model I’d most anticipated. I love the color and the dynamic pose which compliments its subject’s grace despite its enormous size.

The figure has a striped pattern that is quite detailed, especially around the face. The paint job is exceptional, especially its eyes which have been painted a metallic gold. There’s no skimping on Safari Ltd’s part here as this is a solid, heavy PVC model and not hollow.

This model is somewhat controversial amongst enthusiasts due to being glued to a base. I’m not sure how that may hinder childhood play but, as an adult collector, I appreciated this feature immensely. Getting a realistically posed Theropod model to stand is no easy feat (see my review of that aforementioned feathered T-Rex) and this definitely helped.

Final thoughts on this model…

GENERAL APPEARANCE: I could stare at this thing all day. Great action pose, interesting color choices with a striking pattern!

SIZE: About fourteen inches long…Wow!



DISPLAY OR DIORAMA WORTHYThis figure should be on every dinosaur lover’s shelf! The dynamic pose would make for one mean diorama as well. A+ model!

~Dave Fuentes

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