Safari Ltd’s 2017 Tylosaurus: the Cretaceous Tiger of the Sea?

I was really on the fence with purchasing the 2017 Safari Ltd Tylosaurus which is surprising considering how much I love Mosasaurs; particularly this species. Last summer I traveled throughout the southwest and smack dab in what was once prime Tylosaurus territory. In fact, the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was once the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway and rife with their fossils; one of which (affectionately named “Tyrone”) is on display at the Visitor Center. In that regard, Utah is far from alone as these marine reptiles were some of the world’s most prolific animals and their fossils can be found all over the globe.

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Safari Ltd’s 2017 Kronosaurus: Toy Titan of the Deep!

With its head the size of an adult human, and reaching over thirty feet in length, there’s little doubt that Kronosaurus was one of the top predators of the Cretaceous. It was also one of the largest short-necked pliosaurs; carnivorous marine reptiles that thrived in both the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The folks at Safari Ltd. recently released an equally impressive representation and I was eager to get a closer look at this menacing sea monster!

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