A Prehistoric Nature Hike at “The Dinosaur Place” in Connecticut!

The Dinosaur Place Connecticut

It was an overcast morning when my best friend, David Albaugh, and I drove down from his native Rhode Island to see the Dinosaur Place in Montville, Connecticut.  He’d already written about this attraction on the site we share, Terror from Beyond the Daves, but I refused to even look at that post back then since I knew I’d want to see it for myself. Unfortunately, the one day we had to visit was slated for thunderstorms and I came dangerously close to taking a literal rain check. However, after pondering things a bit, we accepted the fact that lousy weather was no match for the magnetic pull of its super-sized dinosaur gift shop, and made the trip anyway. I’m sure happy we did as the rain held off till much later and, unlike the one hundred degree weather he dealt with during his last visit, the temperature was perfect.

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Rebor vs. Papo: Battle of the Acrocanthosaurus!

You may not be as familiar with Acrocanthosaurus as you are with Tyrannosaurus Rex but perhaps you should be. This large theropod actually predates T-Rex by 45 million years; thriving in the United States during the early Cretaceous (110 million years ago) and was likely the apex predator of its day. Its name means “high-spined lizard” which highlights its most prominent feature; a row of large neural spines jutting from its vertebrae. Aside from its awesome appearance, I also love this dinosaur because every time I think of it, I’m reminded of an inspirational story tied in with one its discoveries.

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