CollectA Deinotherium – Marvelous Model for a “Terrible Beast!”

African Elephants have always been my favorite living animal and are part of a proud, diverse family that can be traced over much of the planet. These Proboscideans included some of the Earth’s largest land mammals with the subject of today’s review one of its most impressive. Deinotherium dominated Africa as well as Eurasia approximately 10 million to 10,000 years ago, possibly crossing paths with early humans. Its name means “terrible beast” and was larger than modern elephants though with a shorter trunk. Its most distinguishing characteristic, however, were its tusks that curved downward from its lower jaw. In most other members of the elephant family, tusks jut from the upper jaw and curve in the opposite direction. The reason Deinotherium’s evolved this way is still up for debate with some suggesting they were designed for digging out roots and tubers much like a backhoe. Another notable featured that differed from its more dome-headed cousins was a nearly flat skull.

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Take a “Dinosaur Expedition” at the Lake Compounce Amusement Park!

Dave’s Dinos is happy to share photos and narrative from Ashley Johnson regarding her visit to Bristol, Connecticut’s Lake Compounce Amusement Park

I have been living in New England for a couple of years now, and every year I make the one and a half hour trek from my home in Rhode Island down to Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut.The family amusement park boasts some amazing attractions including an gorgeous sky ride up the side of a mountain, and the voted number one best wooden roller-coaster in the world for four years running Balderdash!

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Will the Real REBOR Acrocanthosaurus please stand up?

Awhile back I did a comparison piece on the Papo and REBOR Acrocanthosaurus models. A couple of weeks later I was surprised to receive a message from the REBOR team alerting me to a bit of a snafu regarding it; namely that “their” model photographed in the post wasn’t really theirs at all but a counterfeit! Until that day, I’d always assumed knock-offs were reserved for high end items like Gucci purses or Nike shoes and had no idea that even in the world of dinosaur models consumers needed to be on guard. I thanked them for letting me know and they were kind enough to help me obtain an authentic one. So now I get to do yet another Acrocanthosaurus comparison piece, this time between REBOR and its phony RE-ject!

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