Will the Real REBOR Acrocanthosaurus please stand up?

Awhile back I did a comparison piece on the Papo and REBOR Acrocanthosaurus models. A couple of weeks later I was surprised to receive a message from the REBOR team alerting me to a bit of a snafu regarding it; namely that “their” model photographed in the post wasn’t really theirs at all but a counterfeit! Until that day, I’d always assumed knock-offs were reserved for high end items like Gucci purses or Nike shoes and had no idea that even in the world of dinosaur models consumers needed to be on guard. I thanked them for letting me know and they were kind enough to help me obtain an authentic one. So now I get to do yet another Acrocanthosaurus comparison piece, this time between REBOR and its phony RE-ject!

When the true model arrived at my door, it came in a neat box with a fact card of the animal inside. I was very impressed with the amount of care that went into the packaging and how the model was kept secure in foam while wrapped in plastic.

Another neat accessory that this item comes with is the severed head/torso of a sauropod that’s designed to fit inside the beast’s mouth. I love how they made the denuded bones and flesh glossy to illustrate that its a fresh kill!

The knock-off I purchased on eBay via “us_seller_joseph” who’s based in China. I assumed I was getting a better deal buying it loose but, if you go to the Big Bad Toy Store (where my new one came from), you can get a nifty authentic, boxed REBOR Acrocanthosaurus with all the extras for roughly the same price I paid to get swindled with a loose one!

Naturally, the first thing I did after removing it from its box is compare it to the imitation. I have to say, the differences are quite subtle. One interesting thing I noticed was that the body of the REBOR model is slightly larger than the fake, though its head is a tad smaller. It’s very subtle and probably only noticeable when they’re standing next to one another.

The painting of both models is also very similar though REBOR’s boasts a metallic gold sheen to the claws and eyes that the counterfeit lacks.

So if you’re looking for a sure fire way to tell which one is real and which one isn’t, simply flip your dinosaur over and check out the bottom of its feet. The REBOR model is branded with the copyright seal while the other is totally blank.

The bottom line, my fellow dinophiles, is that we need to be more careful when shopping on auction sites or with private sellers. Don’t be afraid to ask for more photos and details before making a purchase so you don’t get taken like I did.

So what do I do with the counterfeit Acrocanthosaurus now that it’s been exposed? Well, I’m definitely going to keep it since I’ve already been caring for it and have sort of grown attached. I’ll even keep it on display with the other two Acrocanthosaurus models (Papo and REBOR’s) and just pretend Papo’s is male and the other two are females. After all, I grew up in the ‘70s and know full well that whether kisses are hers and hers and his – Three’s Company too!

Dave Fuentes~

Have any dinosaur news, reviews. photos of your personal prehistoric collection, or a Prehistoric Pit Stop you’d like to share? Shoot them to David Fuentes at davesdinosaurs@gmail.com!

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