Take a “Dinosaur Expedition” at the Lake Compounce Amusement Park!

Dave’s Dinos is happy to share photos and narrative from Ashley Johnson regarding her visit to Bristol, Connecticut’s Lake Compounce Amusement Park

I have been living in New England for a couple of years now, and every year I make the one and a half hour trek from my home in Rhode Island down to Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut.The family amusement park boasts some amazing attractions including an gorgeous sky ride up the side of a mountain, and the voted number one best wooden roller-coaster in the world for four years running Balderdash!

Two years ago the park announced a new attraction: Dino Expedition. The small dinosaur trek is located right in the middle of the park next to the boomerang roller-coaster appropriately titled Zoomerang and the kiddie ride and play area. Guests are welcome to walk the trail and enjoy seeing models of many different dinosaurs. Along the trail there are fun facts and some pretty hilarious dinosaur jokes / puns displayed on signs for guests to read. The trail is fairly short and could be walked in a couple of minutes, but there are so many different dinosaurs packed into a small area that just when you finish reading about one you’re hit with more information about another cool creature! At the end of the trail there is a small dinosaur themed gift shop where you can purchase some adorable plush replicas of your favorite dinosaur on the expedition. I highly recommend making a stop at the Dino Expedition whenever you’re at Lake Compounce. I myself personally make a few stops a daily when I need a break from all the excitement of the amusement park and talk to my dino friends.

Special thanks to Ashley for sharing these amazing photos! Remember if you’d like to share photos or narrative from your own Prehistoric  Pit Stops to send them to davesdinosaurs@gmail.com!

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