CollectA goes Full Frontal with Megacerops!

I just returned from visiting the Dakotas while making a few Prehistoric Pit Stops along the way. Ironically, a couple of those excursions tied in with a figure I’d just received before I left – CollectA’s Megacerops. This model is part of their Prehistoric Life Collection and, just like their Deinotherium model I reviewed in my last post, breaks the mold in terms of scientific accuracy! Whereas the previous figure depicted a relative of the modern day elephant, this two-toed ungulate was a member of the Titanothere family which shares ancestry with today’s horses, tapirs, and rhinos. It definitely looks like a rhinoceros cousin with its double horns though, unlike rhinos, these are part of the animal’s skull and “true” horns. Their unique appearance illustrates once again how diverse and amazing our planet’s prehistoric mammals truly were.

Megacerops roamed the Northern plains of the United States back in the late Eocene (about 50 million years ago). Their fossils were first discovered by Native Americans and the Sioux believed they were mythological creatures responsible for thunderstorms. As I’d been traveling all over their natural range, I found information on them at Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park – Megacerops signage

I also saw an actual Megacerops skull at the Black Hills Institute a couple of days later. Incidentally, I’ll be covering both of these locales with more depth soon. But let’s get to the model…

After being wowed by the last CollectA model I was eager to put this one on display next to it.

I was really excited to see it first hand and, judging by its semi-aroused state, I’m guessing the feeling was mutual. Yes, folks, this anatomically correct male is about as realistic as it gets with a full phallus and testicles! Clearly, it was designed more for us prehistoric loving adults than it was for the kiddies. In fact, every time one of my kids walks past this thing, they try to cover it up with something. What a bunch of prudes!

Whether you can get past its penis or not, this is clearly another big win for CollectA in terms of realism! I mentioned in my last post how they’d enlisted the aid of Archaelogist, Anthony Beeson, to consult on scientific accuracy and this is something that should become standard practice with the all the model companies. This figure has phenomenal detail and the texture was clearly influenced by their living, rhinoceros cousins.

General Appearance: Absolutely love it! This model is highly detailed and has a dynamic pose!

Size: 1:20 Scale measuring 7.9 inches long and 3.9 inches high

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama Worthy? : Definitely! You can sit it right next to Michelangelo’s “David” (though he might feel a bit inadequate next to this guy!)

~Dave Fuentes


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