When Marx Dinosaur Play-sets Ruled the World!

If you’re a middle-aged dinosaur fan, chances are you grew up with a steady stream of plastic, Marx dinosaurs. These solid colored, non posable figures were a staple birthday/holiday gift for most kids in the ‘60s and ‘70s; often lining the bottom of our toy boxes or disappearing behind the cushions of the family couch. If you were really lucky, your dinosaurs were accompanied by a play-set which ranged from a few rocks and trees to a full mountain set-up. I remember when I was eight years old getting their Giant Marx Prehistoric Playset for Christmas and later using it as “Tatooine” with my Kenner STAR WARS toys. Yes, Christmas 1978 was a legendary haul at the Fuentes house, let me tell you!

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T-Rexcellent Pumpkins at the Roger Williams Park Zoo!

Check out these dinosaur themed pumpkins featured at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island! This is part of the zoo’s seasonal Jack O’Lantern Spectacular event that runs through Halloween! Special thanks to David Albaugh for sharing his photos with us!

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