Safari Ltd.’s NEW 2018 Armagasaurus is one Flashy Forager!

Argentina has seen some pretty impressive dinosaur discoveries including the largest sauropods on record (Titanosaurs) and a theropod larger than T-Rex (Giganotosaurus). While “bigger” tends to get the most attention in the dinosaur world, “weird” ain’t so bad either. This brings us to the subject of today’s featured model, Safari Ltd.’s ALL-NEW 2018 Amargasaurus; one long-neck dinosaur you’d have no trouble picking out of a line-up. This is in no short thanks to two rows of spines that protruded from the creature’s neck. Unlike the immense Titanosaurs, these sauropods were relatively small by comparison; serving a different ecological niche. As of this date, there’s only been ONE Amargasaurus fossil ever discovered but a nearly complete one at that. Consequently, one of Argentina’s most unusual dinosaurs is also one of its best known.

There are few things we collectors love more than getting our hands on models that have yet to reach the store shelves. This past week a package arrived with FOUR new Safari Ltd figures and I wasted no time pulling them out of their box and into my light box so I could share them with all of you. Now I probably should’ve saved Amargasaurus for last but sometimes you just gotta have your dessert first. Actually, my favorite of the bunch is “fuzzy” and has a trunk. I’ll get to that one later but, for now, let’s take a good look at this guy…

For starters, this model definitely knows how to make an impression! Wild Safari Ltd certainly didn’t shy away from color and this model is a definite eye-catcher. Whereas many earlier representations of the beast have their signature spines sheaved like a sail, this one is in line with more modern theories that suggest they jutted freely.

Steve Hunter Amargasaurus with covered spines.

Scientists believe this would allow for more mobility when foraging for food or defending themselves. Though we have no way of knowing their true purpose, many believe the spines were for defense.

Just like the 2017 Wild Safari Diplodocus I reviewed earlier this year, the tail curls, thereby allowing its proper length. Many sauropod models have their tails shortened for practical reasons so kudos to Wild Safari for cleverly avoiding that.

They definitely showed some creativity with the face, too.

General Appearance: I believe the word “vibrant” best describes this model. Whether you’re talking about its colorful appearance or “animal on the move” pose, its impressive to behold!

Size: 16 Inches long and 4.5 inches high! Wow!

Articulation: None, but the spines are made of a softer rubber you can manipulate if you get fidgety.

Display or Diorama worthy? Definitely, but don’t be surprised when your other models start looking rather dull by comparison.

~Dave Fuentes

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