Safari Ltd.’s NEW 2018 Daeodon – the “Hell Pig!”

Of the four new 2018 Safari Ltd. models I just received, two were dinosaurs and two were prehistoric mammals. Having now covered the dinosaur end of things, it’s now time to switch gears over to the latter. In my last post I covered their new Anzu Wyliei a.k.a. “chicken from Hell,” and today it’s their brand new “Hell pig,” Daeodon! Actually, Daeodon is not related to pigs and its hooves were firmly planted on the Earth. In fact, this now extinct family of animals (the entelodonts) once roamed much of our planet as evidenced by fossil discoveries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

This is not the first model of the beast and I’ve been pining for CollectA’s version for some time now. Unfortunately, CollectA models can be a bit pricey for us Americans due to overseas shipping.


CollectA’s 2015 Daeodon

Safari Ltd.’s new version isn’t bad, though the paint job does leave you a bit underwhelmed (which I’ll get into in a minute). The head also seems less pronounced than past renditions, however, my understanding is that this sculpt is considered to be the most more accurate one. With all due respect to CollectA, as well as one of my favorite documentaries, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, the animal’s head was likely a bit fuller.  One thing the two companies do have in common is seeking accuracy to the point of venturing into animal genitalia (see my post on CollectA’s Megacerops)…

I’m thinkin’ it’s a boy

As for the paint job, yes it’s bland, though appropriate for a predator trying to hunt on the North American plains. I believe Safari took a nod from modern day lions who hunt in a similar environment and need to keep a low profile in plain (no pun intended) sight.

The animal is in a “walking” pose with its mouth agape. If you look inside the mouth, you can see its tongue in detail.

General Appearance: Dull at first glance but that’s the price one pays for realism.

Size: A little over 5 inches long.

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama worthy? It would definitely fit well with a Miocene diorama but I wouldn’t prop it up on your shelf unless you stand it alongside other prehistoric mammals to enhance it.

~Dave Fuentes

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