Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Mastodon – it doesn’t get much better than this!

As many of you know, I recently snagged four of Safari Ltd.’s new 2018 models which I immediately tossed in my light box for photos so I could share them, as well as my impressions, with all of you. We’re now up to the fourth and final figure (actually three more arrived on Friday so it’s far from “final”) and, I’m not going lie, I was saving my favorite for last. Simply put, I think their new American Mastodon model is the best of its kind and not just because I’m obsessed with elephants! Before I delve into this little hunk of PVC gold, let’s take a look at the animal itself. Though the Colombian and Woolly Mammoths of the plains often steal the spotlight so far as  the our elephant’s prehistoric relatives are concerned, there was a more bulkier cousin dwelling in the forests.

Mastodons are a more ancient and distant relative of mammoths and modern day elephants with their biggest differences seen in how they ate. Mastodons had cone-shaped cusps on their teeth unlike the flatter, ridged ones we see in today’s elephants. In fact, the name Mastodon means “nipple tooth,” a feature that would assist them in crushing twigs and branches.

These animals were also socially different; living solitary lives as opposed to the matriarchal herds seen with mammoths and elephants. Okay, now on to this model…

Honestly, I’ve never seen plastic look so genuinely “furry” before! Safari Ltd did a stellar job giving this model proper texture; handily defeating any previous renditions. As soon as my daughter lifted it out of its shipping box, my mouth effectively hit the floor. Next, I held it like Indiana Jones staring at that gold idol in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I pray this company follows it up with a new 2019 Woolly Mammoth crafted with this same level of detail!

The trunk is posed upwards (which I’m told is good luck with modern elephant replicas) with the tusks showing some yellowing as it gets closer to the body. It’s a small touch of realism that really adds to the overall presentation.

The toenails, nostrils, and eyes all show incredible detailing, leading me to surmise that whomever hand-painted this model loved Proboscideans as much as I do.

I think my only complaint is that they didn’t take it just a step further and show at least two of the animal’s signature “nipple teeth’ in its in mouth. Oh well, maybe next time…

General Appearance: Absolutely beautiful! Pictures really can’t do this model justice (especially the ones on Amazon).


Size: 11 inches long and 7 inches tall!

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama worthy? I’m thinking about buying one for every room of my house including the bathroom! This model was MADE for your shelf and, just like the real ones, can do just fine sitting up there by itself!

~Dave Fuentes

Have any dinosaur news, reviews. photos of your personal prehistoric collection, or a Prehistoric Pit Stop you’d like to share? Shoot them to David Fuentes at!

3 thoughts on “Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Mastodon – it doesn’t get much better than this!

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