Welcoming Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Triceratops!

Coinciding with the release of their new Regaliceratops, Safari Ltd. is releasing a brand new version of the world’s most popular ceratopsian of all, Triceratops. The beast was first discovered back in 1889 and has the distinction of sporting the largest head of any known land animal; at about a third of its length. Triceratops is without question a North American classic and no stranger to the Silver Screen. In fact, I noticed one running in the trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s a good bet that every dinosaur model collector reading this already has a replica of this animal in their collection which begs the question whether this one warrants you adding another. To this question, I would give a resounding. YES.

Since we’re all familiar with Triceratops, I’ll just throw out a few factoids you may not of known…

*Triceratops means “three-horned face” though, in reality, it only had two proper horns (made of bone) with the third, nose “horn” comprised of soft proteins.

*Triceratops is often seen duking it out with T-Rex and this was finally proven via the bones of one specimen that showed evidence of a T-Rex bite along with the bone showing evidence of healing. This suggested the animal not only did battle T-Rex but survived the encounter.

*Triceratops is often depicted as living in herds though there’s no fossil evidence to prove this. Some believe it was actually solitary like modern rhinos or possibly lived in harem groups with one male protecting a small group of females.

*Some scientists theorize that triceratops may have had quills. This is due to some unexplainable bumps on its hindquarters that may have anchored plumage of some kind; not unlike its cousin Psittacosaurus (and as soon as I get my hands on Schleich’s new version of that animal, I’ll delve more into that one).


And now for the figure itself…

Safari Ltd. 2018 Triceratops 1Safari Ltd. 2018 Triceratops 2

For starters, it’s a good-sized model and, when standing next to the aforementioned Regaliceratops, you can clearly see which one puts the “top” in ceratopsian.

As the standard for most all Safari Ltd/ products, the model is highly detailed. The scales are particularly distinct and give it a lot of texture; even behind the frill which usually isn’t the case.

Safari Ltd. 2018 Triceratops 8

I’m happy to see that this model has more color and variation. It also stands more erect than Safari’s previous Triceratops.

General Appearance: Nice coloring, particularly on its frill, and highly detailed.

Size: 7 ¾ inches long and 4 ¼ inches tall

Safari Ltd. 2018 Triceratops 14

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama worthy? I do like to have all my ceratopsid models on display together and this triceratops does a much better job standing out.

Dave Fuentes~

Safari Ltd. 2018 Triceratops 12

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