A+ Uintatherium Model Flunks Anger Management!

Dinosaurs weren’t the only amazing beasts to have roamed North America. Take Uintatherium for example. This unusual looking mammal, reminiscent of a rhinoceros with its multiple knobby horns, lived about forty to forty-five million years ago in what is now Wyoming. In fact, Uintatherium means “Beast of the Uinta Mountains” where it was discovered. It was an impressive thirteen feet long and weighed in at around 4,000 pounds. In keeping with their proud assortment of amazing prehistoric animals, CollectA added one of these to their menagerie earlier this year.

Despite the animal’s overall size, it’s brain is relatively small suggesting they weren’t the brightest of creatures. There are two known species of this animal with the other found in China with the extinction of the American variety abrupt and unclear. Some scientists suggest it was outsourced with the appearance of Megacerops (also boasting a CollectA model I reviewed HERE) and North American rhinos.

CollectA is a UK based company whose models have been tough to come by for us here in United States. The most affordable ones I’ve found are on eBay and courtesy of a seller named spring-water whose stellar communication and customer service has since made me a regular customer. I’m grateful because this figure is well worth the trouble of tracking down!

Though I’m not always sold on CollectA’s dinosaurs, they consistently hit home runs with their prehistoric mammals. I was very happy to add this model to my ever-growing collection which includes the aforementioned Megacerops as well as Deinotherium. The coloring works well here, including the tiger stripes which were a gamble (see controversial 2017 Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus).

If its general appearance doesn’t grab you, then the dynamic pose surely will. It’s perfectly poised for a battle which, considering what I mentioned earlier about it not having any known natural enemies, is likely with another Uintatherium. To further illustrate its agitation, the tail is up and its mouth agape.

Like CollectA’s Megacerops model, this one is clearly male with visible sex organs.

The fur provides texture while reminding us that, despite the horns, this was no rhino.

Speaking of its horns, the face is highly detailed and one can just imagine how amazing it would have looked like when it lived.

General Appearance: Fantastic looking model with great color! The action pose tells a story and one we’d probably love to have witnessed.

Size: Nearly 7 inches long and 3.5 inches’ high

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama worthy? Not only is it display worthy in and of itself, I’m ready to hit up my favorite eBayer, Spring-water, again for a second so they can square off!

~Dave Fuentes

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