In Steppe with Eofauna’s New Mammoth!

Considering my love for modern-day elephants, it’s a wonder I didn’t name this site “Dave’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Pachyderms.” The distant relatives of today’s elephants were both impressive and prolific, spanning every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Today we’ll be traveling back to the mid-Pleistocene to what was once Eurasia and focus on Mammuthus trogontherii a.k.a. the Steppe Mammoth. Larger than other mammoth species, we can all give a big “Thanks” to a scientific research company called Eofauna, allowing us model collectors a chance to put one on our own shelves. This is a European company and I ordered mine courtesy of the US-based Dan’s Dinosaurs. Be sure to pay him a visit!

It’s a good thing Dan’s a fast shipper because I’ve been anxious to get my hands on this figure for some time. It looked amazing online but I was also curious how it would look next to my other mammoth figures. I’ll delve more into that soon but first, let’s take a quick look at the figure itself…

The model comes with a tag and separate collector card that provides the animal’s stats.

I liked that the card included a size comparison with an adult human. The card’s rather interesting in that it looks suitable for a Dungeons & Dragons-style role-playing game complete with percentile scores listed for the animals “Attack,” “Defense,” and “Strength.”    

The figure itself is beautiful to behold and also highly detailed. I love the texture of its fur as well as its “proud” pose.

Eofauna is comprised of scientists from all over the world which all but guarantees the model’s accuracy. And we’re talking from head to toe. The figure’s mouth is glossy and sports a couple of teeth; something I’d of loved to have seen with Safari Ltd.’s new Mastodon figure I reviewed earlier. The eyes were given added gloss as well and they’ve even added detailing to the bottoms of the animal’s feet!

I love the way the model’s tusks curl and that they have defined schreger lines. As a side note, mammoth ivory is currently legal for trade while elephant ivory is not. It’s through these lines that authorities are able to distinguish the difference.

My only gripe is the size. Steppe mammoths were slightly larger than their Woolly cousins but, unfortunately, you’ll never know it if you stand this one next to the other mammoths in your collection. I recently purchased CollectA’s woolly Mammoth (review coming soon).

General Appearance: This figure looks amazing! SO many details to be found you’ll enjoy looking it over!

Size: Nearly 8 inches long and 5 inches tall (its lifted trunk brings it even higher)

Articulation: None

Display or Diorama Worthy? Yes, though you may want to give it a footstool so it won’t be incorrectly shadowed by your other mammoths.

~Dave Fuentes

2 thoughts on “In Steppe with Eofauna’s New Mammoth!

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