CollectA’s Woolly Mammoth is Mean…and sorta Green!

If you caught my review of Eofauna’s Steppe Mammoth, then you may have caught a glimpse of today’s model, CollectA’s Woolly Mammoth. Even though Steppe Mammoths were larger than their furrier cousins, this model’s a veritable hulk next to that one. Then again, it’s pretty formidable no matter what model you stand it next to. 

This isn’t the first Woolly Mammoth in my collection as I’ve had Safari Ltd.’s for several years now. Of course, you can never have too many mammoths in the herd and I was happy to welcome this one. So let’s get a closer look…

At first glance, I love the model’s impressive tusks and interesting pose. I mentioned in my Steppe Mammoth review how I appreciated its tusks having Schreger lines and that feature is even more prevalent here. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say these are about the finest tusks seen on any Proboscidean model. It can’t be easy trying to capture the majesty of these amazing beasts on toy shelves but CollectA sure comes close!

The model’s “fur” has plenty of texture but is also a bit too colorful. I’m not sure how well my photos are capturing it, but there are distinct hues of green that seem to overpower the entire schematic. Like it spent too much time off the tundra and is starting to mold! Either that or took a dip in a Pleistocene pool and landed itself a bad case of algae. The eyes are detailed but, again, I question their use of color. The red/orange sclera is a bit too dark and,  coupled with the black pupils, makes it look a bit diabolical. 

One thing I do love about this model is its molars which are not only visible but have their characteristic ridges.

Appearance: An impressive model with amazing tusks and neat pose! It’s a bit too green for my tastes but still quite nice!

Articulation: None

Size: The Incredible Hulk of prehistoric models and this time I’m referencing its mass rather than its color. The figure measures 7 inches long and nearly 5.5 inches tall.

Display/Diorama Worthy: Yes…and tune in next time as we pit it against Safari’s version!

Dave Fuentes~


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