Safari Ltd. vs CollectA: Mammoth Mash-Up!

As promised, I’m going to pit the CollectA Woolly Mammoth I reviewed recently up against Carnegie Safari Ltd.’s from years back. I’ve owned the latter since its release – well before I starting collecting. It used to sit on my home computer and merged two of my loves; elephants and prehistoric animals. There have been other woolly mammoths released by other companies but I never felt they came close to matching this one. This all changed when CollectA released their recent model as I was taken in by its pose and sheer bulk. Once it arrived, I had to decide whether it was worthy of dethroning the old mammoth and becoming the new king of the console. The decision proved easier than I thought…

First, let’s take a look at the Carnegie Safari Ltd. model. The figure has a darker coat than most figures I’ve seen and, thankfully, not greenish like CollectA’s. The fur is amazing and very detailed. Capturing an animal’s coat in PVC can’t be easy but until Safari Ltd. outdid themselves recently with their American Mastodon (discussed HERE), this was about the best I’ve ever seen.

The tusks are decent but not as detailed as more recent mammoth models such as Eofauna’s Steppe Mammoth and CollectA’s Woolly Mammoth.

This figure is not as hefty as CollectA’s but solid nonetheless.

So let’s get ready to rumble…

General Appearance: They’re both great looking models but whereas CollectA’s is more formidable size-wise, Safari’s looks more real to me. The fur (both color and texture) is a lot better too. This category definitely goes to Safari Ltd.

Size: No surprises here….CollectA’s is the winner here.

Articulation: None for either

Display or Diorama Worthy?: They’re both worthy of the shelf but Safari Ltd.’s mammoth will retain his spot on my home PC.

WINNER: Safari Ltd!

But don’t feel bad for the CollectA mammoth. He may not have earned a spot on my home computer but his bulk did make him the perfect candidate for holding up my Steelbook collection!

~Dave Fuentes

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