Safari Ltd.’s Malawisaurus: Out of Africa and Onto Your Shelf!

Though one of the smaller sauropods (and by small I mean over fifty feet and ten tons) Malawisaurus was no less impressive. The animal lived in Africa – specifically what is now Malawi, during the early Cretaceous and is one of the few titanosaurs where skull material has been found. And now, over 90 years later, Safari Ltd. is finally bringing one our shelves.

This figure definitely makes an impression with its perfect color scheme and striking pattern.  

I particularly love the paint job and details given to the head, complete with gold eyes that are glossed for added effect. Titanosaurs were noted for having smaller skulls than other sauropods and this scientifically accurate figure captures that.

The fossil was discovered with ossicles nearby, leading scientists to conclude these were likely scoots on the animals back. Once again, Safari Ltd. shows their dedication to realism by including them on this model. The figure looks and feels “bumpy” as it, no doubt would have in life.

The animal is in a “walking” pose which gives the overall presentation even more impact. I should mention that this figure inspired me to go beyond my table-top studio and bring Malawisaurus “back to the wild.” I took my new model out to our local wildlife preserve which, although chilly, provided ample background for a figure as gorgeous as this one. Diorama builders take note!

Appearance: Safari Ltd.’s exquisite choice of color and patterns gives this model first prize in the dino beauty contest!

Size: 14 inches long and 4 inches high!

Articulation: None

Display/Diorama Worthy? A resounding YES to both! I’m thinking about building this guy a terrarium.

Dave Fuentes/Photos Jade Fuentes~



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