“Sailed” Away by Safari Ltd.’s New Dimetrodon!

 As a kid, I remember playing “dinosaurs” with numerous Marx Dimetrodons – having no idea the animal wasn’t a dinosaur at all. This creature, notable for the large sail on its back, is actually a member of the synapsid family; a group of reptiles that lived over 270 million years ago and attributed to having mammal-like features. Though there’ been numerous models of the animal since, Safari Ltd. has just delivered one of the best!

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What are the Cincinnati Mammoths? (Hint: it’s not a sports team)

Before heading back to Chicago, my family and I stayed overnight in Cincinnati so we could visit their amazing zoo and say ‘hello’ to their celebrated hippo, Fiona. With a few minutes to kill before the zoo opened, we took a quick Prehistoric Pit Stop to an industrial section of the city to see a family of woolly mammoths. These beautiful, lifelike statues proudly stood in front of the city’s Natural History Museum before the building shut down and the museum moved to a new center in 1990. The mammoths were built in 1980 by artist, Neal Deaton.   

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