Holy, Toledo! Life-Sized Flying Reptiles at the Zoo!

While taking a weekend road trip with the kids from Chicago to Pittsburgh, we decided to stretch our legs at the Toledo Zoo. I’ve been there before with friends; the last being about five years ago. I had no idea that since that time its become a Prehistoric Pit Stop.

Being a chilly March day, many of the animals weren’t on exhibit but I knew that going in. There’s plenty of indoor exhibits and, best of all, we’d pretty much have the whole zoo to ourselves. Besides all that, we were mainly there to see “Baru,” their giant saltwater croc anyway. He resides in a large pool located in the back of their Reptile House; an architectural beauty built in 1933. It’s a decent sized building with a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians in naturalistic exhibits. And now it boasts something even more incredible – replicas of prehistoric flying reptiles.

As soon as we stepped inside my jaw dropped as I gazed up and into the eye of a full-sized Quetzalcoatlus. It was gorgeous and one of the best genuine surprises I’ve had in a long time!

Even Quetzalcoatlus’ feet are detailed

Hanging above and around the room were the busts of other Pterosaurs. These are the fantastic creations of Toledo artist, Robert Garcia. I love that the zoo provided signage for each one so you can learn about them.




Pteranodon ingens

We did get a good look at “Baru” before exiting the building. Once outside, I saw a couple of old dinosaur statues; Triceratops and Stegosaurus. This is one Reptile House that’s proud of its Family Tree!

Stone dinosaurs located outside the zoo’s Reptile House


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