“Sailed” Away by Safari Ltd.’s New Dimetrodon!

 As a kid, I remember playing “dinosaurs” with numerous Marx Dimetrodons – having no idea the animal wasn’t a dinosaur at all. This creature, notable for the large sail on its back, is actually a member of the synapsid family; a group of reptiles that lived over 270 million years ago and attributed to having mammal-like features. Though there’ been numerous models of the animal since, Safari Ltd. has just delivered one of the best!

The first thing that struck me about this model was its stance. Assuming the figure represents a male, you can easily picture it stepping into a challenge with a rival.

I also love its details, especially the muscles and folds of skin. This is especially true on the sides of the animal where the skin furrows really make the figure “pop.”

Despite its subtlety, there’s a great variation of color with this model and, the closer you get, the more details emerge. I thought it was brilliant how the paint job managed to be striking yet 100% natural looking at the same time.

The spines are pronounced with the skin between a different texture than the body. Again, the closer you get, the better this model looks and that’s always the case with PVC dinosaurs.

Dimetrodon had a large head in relation to its body and this model demonstrates that. The mouth is open, revealing its sharp teeth and tongue.

General Appearance – Beautiful model with just enough detail to secure it as one of the best. Considering the number of Dimetrodon models out there, that’s saying something!

Size – 7 inches long and 4.25 inches high!

Articulation – None

Display/Diorama Worthy? Yes on both counts! This model would look great on a shelf or the synapsid star of a Permian diorama.


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