PAPO’s 2016 Feathered Velociraptor Dressed to Kill!

There’s always a bit of excitement when model companies announce their prehistoric offerings for the coming year. Starting in November, many of us methodically check their websites while making room on our shelves for the ones we just know we’re gonna get. One such figure was the PAPO’s 2016 feathered velociraptor. I’d already had a couple of their previous raptors which looked as if they’d just walked off the set of JURASSIC PARK (sorry, Hasbro, PAPO does JURASSIC PARK better than you do). This new feathered addition, however, was a completely new take and a welcomed one at that. It was about a full year later when I was finally able to add this to my collection, but definitely worth the wait!

At first glance, the figure is colorful like many modern birds and quite detailed. I’m pleased with the overall design which I do prefer over their non-feathered version.  


The head sculpt is fantastic; longer and thinner than their previous design. The mouth alone sets this model apart as it not only opens but opens WIDE. Now whether this is a scientifically proven feature of velociraptors, I can’t say. Regardless, it looks amazing.

I mentioned this model is detailed and its never more evident than when you gaze inside its mouth.

The feathers look amazing and I particularly love the ones on its tail! That tail is beautiful but also inaccurate for curving upwards. I guess you can’t win em’ all.

In truth, feathered dinosaurs are always divisive amongst enthusiasts. We can argue all day as to how much feathers this animal had (if any), where they’d be on its body, and what kind of feathers they’d be. I shall leave that debate to scientists. So far as this dino-fan is concerned, PAPO’s feathered velociraptor is just plain gorgeous.

So let’s break it down…

General Appearance – A beautiful and detailed model that stands out as one of the coolest feathered dinosaur sculpts to date.

Size: 4 inches tall and over 7 inches long!

Display/Diorama worthy? Definitely and this model has a prominent place on my shelf. A raptor shelf, I might add, that’s starting to get a bit crowd these days. But more on that later…

Special thanks to Ozkan Oz for requesting this review!

Dave Fuentes~


3 thoughts on “PAPO’s 2016 Feathered Velociraptor Dressed to Kill!

  1. Hi, Dave. First of all, sorry for my bad English.
    You wrote: “That tail is beautiful but also inaccurate for curving upwards.”
    In fact, the first caudal vertebrae of dromaeosaurs allowed them to bend their tail upwards at the base quite easily.
    Although maybe the bend should be at a point closer to the hips. For me, the real problem is that its tail is too short.


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