Get your claws on Papo’s new Therizinosaurus!

The bizarre-looking Therizinosaurus has been rendered by several model companies and I’ll be darn if they don’t all look like completely different animals. I have Schleich’s original version which will always have a special place in my heart since it was the last model I bought at “Toys R Us” before they went out of business. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Everything Dinosaur, it’s no longer my lone Therizinosaurus as Papo’s version finally made it to my doorstep!

Despite being a relatively obscure dinosaur, it’s not surprising all the major educational toy/model companies have jumped on the Therizinosaurus bandwagon. This animal definitely stands out due to its elongated, impressive claws that put Edward Scissorhands to shame. They are, in fact, the longest known of any animal and what inspired its name which means “scythe lizard.” Despite these fearsome attributes, this 13 foot tall/30 foot long “terror” was actually an herbivore – though one that probably had no trouble holding its own. The animal lived in the late Cretaceous in what is now Mongolia with fossils first discovered in 1948.

I’m not sure how scientifically accurate this model is compared to the other offerings. If there are any experts out there who want to chime in, please feel free to do so in the comments. Papo often goes for the “Wow” factor over science and the Jurassic Park/World films are often an obvious influence. Now let’s take a closer look…

We’ll start with the overall design which is pretty striking. Whether in attack mode or foraging through leaves, its a dynamic pose is ideal for play or display. The oversized belly seems consistent with scientific theory too which tends to make many depictions of the animal unintentionally humorous. 

The jaw is articulated with the inside of its mouth highly detailed. The model’s paint job is rather subdued and I’d of liked to have been more colorful. The skull is smaller in proportion with its body and more elongated than the Schleich version.

Although the coloring is bland, closer inspection reveals subtle hues and patterns. The impact of this model relies solely on its physical design which does seem to make up for it. The feathers are present but with little variation in color from its body. Again, this seems like a missed opportunity.

I was most surprised how Papo downplayed the animal’s signature claws. Some suggest this may be due to child safety concerns. 

You’ll scratch your eye out, kid!

So here are the stats…

GENERAL APPEARANCE: If your dinosaur shelf is clamoring for something different, look no further than this one! It may not be all that colorful but the overall design will catch your attention regardless! 

ARTICULATION: The jaws open and close. I’d of liked for its arms to move like Schleich’s but you can’t win em’ all.

SIZE: Over 8 inches tall and a fairly heavy piece of plastic!

DISPLAY/DIORAMA WORTHY? Papo’s glorious details look great in a diorama or for a dino-mite alternative to garden gnomes.

Outdoor Therizinosaurus Papo

Papo Therizinosaurus outdoor

 The model’s dynamic stance, coupled with its depiction of one of the weirdest-looking dinos ever discovered, make it an ideal conversation piece. Although I wouldn’t advise displaying it next to your Schleich version as the two models aren’t very complimentary of each other.


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