Is the Papo Acrocanthosaurus Repaint Worth It?

Papo is not shy about re-releasing some of their dinosaurs with fresh new looks. That being said, I was still caught off-guard by this year’s revised version of Acrocanthosaurus. It seems like only yesterday I discussed their “new” model of the beast while pitting it up against Rebor‘s version – which ended up being revealed as a counterfeit which I discussed soon after. Back then, one of my gripes about Papo’s model was the color scheme and I’m guessing I wasn’t alone. This year we have an all-new variation and I think it’s a winner. Let’s take a closer look…

Instead of bright colors, Papo’s 2018 Acrocanthosaurus has rusty, natural hues that serve as a neutral backdrop to an all-new, striking pattern. Anyone who thinks a model’s paint job doesn’t make much of a difference need only see these two versions side by side to see this isn’t true.

Papo models are pretty pricey for us collectors here in the States. I don’t always have the resources to purchase multiple variations of the same model. If it’s a choice between adding an all-new prehistoric animal to my collection or one I already have with a fresh coat of paint, I’m going with the former. However, this new Papo Acrocanthosaurus was worth putting in the extra overtime.



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