Quetzalcoatlus Lands at the Field Museum of Natural History!

Maximo isn’t the only new, permanent feature at Chicago’s Field Museum. The immense Titanosaur brought along a few flying reptiles to further engage us until the return of our favorite T-Rex, Sue. Of course, Pterosaurs aren’t new to this museum and even before the big changes a pteranodon hovered over Stanley Field Hall; directing guests to the “Evolving Planet” exhibit upstairs. That model, however, has been dwarfed by its replacement – a life-sized, flying Quetzalcoatlus!

Previously hanging Pterandodon last February

New Quetzalcoatlus Today

Just as Sue’s old spot was taken by the world’s largest known land animal the pteranodon was swapped for the largest known aerial creature – Quetzalcoatlus. So far as seeing life-size Quetzalcoatlus’ go, 2018 has been a banner year for me. First, I saw that gorgeous one at the Toledo Zoo last Spring and then later a fully automated one at the Milwaukee Zoo.


The Field Museum gets extra props for not only showing us a full-sized version in “flight” but also in an upright position too. That beauty stands upstairs and just outside the rest of the museum’s impressive fossil collection.

Amid the Cretaceous’ Quetzalcoatlus, are also nine Rhamphorhynchus’ from the Jurassic period. Anyone who’s ever stood inside the Stanley Field Hall knows it’s the perfect milieu for flying “monsters” and these guys are a welcome bunch.  

Coming Up…Viva Maximo!



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