Viva Maximo! The Field Museum’s Titanosaurus

2018 was a banner year for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Just as their iconic T-Rex, Sue, was dismantled and relocated upstairs in a more complete representation, they also welcomed the addition of some stunning Pterosaurs and a gigantic Titanosaur. Maximo has now secured his position as the king of Stanley Field Hall and definitely worth making a special trip to see…especially if you plan it on or after December 21st after Sue makes her dramatic return.

One big difference between Sue and Maximo is that you can walk right underneath the latter. I can’t explain how it feels to look up and stare at a giant rib cage but, thanks to the Field Museum, you can find out for yourself.

Although the Jurassic Period saw some of the largest dinosaurs in our planet’s history, it had nothing on Argentina during the Cretaceous. Patagotitan mayorum was approximately 122 feet long (37 meters) and weighed in around 70 tons. The animal that inspired this cast was discovered by a rancher in 2010 and is now considered the largest creature to have ever walked the Earth. So let’s take a closer look with the understanding that photos cannot adequately capture its magnificence. 

159 bones of the animal were discovered at the site, and five of them are temporarily on exhibit here.

Sue may be down but she’s far from out as I plan to make my next trip to the Field Museum all about her. So stay tuned…


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