2019 Safari Ltd’s Splashy Styracosaurus!

It’s a new year and a new Ceratopsian from our friends at Safari Ltd. And this one’s so colorful it has no trouble standing out from the rest. Their 2019 Styracosaurus is even more striking than last year’s Triceratops and already making a splash on my horned dinosaur shelf. Though many companies have released their own model of this creature, I believe this is one of the best. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…

Most enthusiasts will agree that in terms of ceratopsian popularity, Styracosaurus comes in as the clear second. In terms of size differences, think of Triceratops as the elephant and Styracosaurus the rhino. What sets the latter apart are its long spikes jutting from its neck frill. This, of course, gave the animal its name which means “spiked lizard.” Like Triceratops, this animal is no stranger to the Silver Screen, appearing in films as far back as the original King King (1933).

Safari Ltd. has mastered the art of ceratopsian stance as well as scales; evident in their latest creation. The model clearly depicts an animal “in motion,” though not in an attack/defense posture (as seen in Papo’s version which I also own)

What really sets this figure apart is its coloration and patterns. Gone are the drab hues as seen in their previous entries such as Regaliceratops and Einiosaurus. Now, we have a decorative dinosaur that would have an easier time attracting mates and warding off potential rivals/predators. Hats off to Safari Ltd. for pulling off a colorful dinosaur that still looks “natural.” I LOVE the white underbelly (which gives the upper half even more impact) and the distinctive pattern on its hind legs and tale.

General Appearance: A beautifully hand-painted model with a decent pose

Size: 8 inches long and 3.5 inches tall. Here’s a comparison shot with the other Safari Ltd. ceratopsids.

Articulation: None

Display/Diorama Worthy? Definitely! This figure has no trouble standing out on my shelf and I think would look fantastic in a naturalistic setting. I’d of loved to photograph a “herd” of these outside for you but it’s currently snowy in Chicago. Which reminds me…

Tune in next time for a closer look at Safari Ltd.’s 2019 Woolly Rhinoceros!

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