It’s a Woolly Rhino Winter In Chicago!

A Woolly Rhinoceros would feel right at home in Chicago these days. With yet another round of subzero temps, I was reminded of the value of a nice, warm coat. Back in the Pleistocene, many animals adapted to frigid temps by growing impressive ones of their own, including an extinct species of rhino that’s the topic of today’s blog. As you know, I’m crazy about modern day elephants and rhinos, so it’s always a pleasure adding models of their ancient relatives to my collection. Though Woolly Mammoths get their fair share of attention, Safari Ltd. has shifted their focus to a couple of lesser-knowns such as the 2018 Mastodon and a brand new Woolly Rhino for this year. So let’s take a look at their latest “fuzzy” creation.

Up close, there’s plenty of detail, something we’ve come to expect from this company. The “hair” is well defined and I love the thicker fur on top.

I do feel the animal’s fur should have had darker hues. Don’t get me wrong, there’s variation, but I can’t help thinking a couple of good dry-bushings of a darker shade would have really made this figure “pop.” It would also help differentiate it better last year’s Mastodon.

The animals face looks great with wonderfully detailed eyes. The nostrils are also distinctive which, if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to get up close to a real rhino, is something you’ll appreciate.

The horn has some striations but ultimately reiterates what I said regarding the model’s color. It seems to blend in with the rest of the figure; making it seem almost as monochromatic as the one Papo put out a few years ago. If that horn could go a couple of shades lighter and the face slightly darker, it would stand out much better in my opinion. Scroll up to that picture of last year’s Mastodon. Imagine if its tusks were close in color to its body?

The overall stance of the figure is pretty basic with just a slight bend of its right, foreleg. I love the toes!

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Pretty decent but could be better with a little customization.

SIZE: Nearly 7 inches long


DISPLAY/DIORAMA WORTHY: I think so…especially if you live in Chicago!


One thought on “It’s a Woolly Rhino Winter In Chicago!

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