Big Mike’s Mosasaur stalks Kentucky!

While visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, we stumbled on a small tourist attraction called Big Mike’s Rock Shop. As a fine of roadside attractions, I was compelled to pull over by its adjoining “Mystery House” and large, replica Mosasaur out in front. Before purchasing our tickets for the funhouse, we decided to walk over and give “Big Mo” a closer look…

Outside and to the right of Mo were geodes for sale. This reminded me of a visit I took to the southwest a few years back.

Walking inside the shop was almost sensory overload in lieu of the all the colorful and unique items they offered.

I was less interested in the main floor’s trinkets than I was the items found upstairs. There, I found an old Safari ‘Carnegie’ display complete with models (which, sadly, were not for sale) and mugs featuring Bike Mike’s Mosasaur, “Mo.”

But why so much attention on Mosasaurs? I was about to find out.

Just beyond the prehistoric souvenirs was a genuine Tylosaurus skull along with signage explaining it all. Like any good roadside attraction, you need something flashy to bring the tourists in, and what better than a full sized replica?

Next to the fossil was a gorgeous model of a Tylosaurus that I liked even better than the giant-sized one outside.

Big Mo was a Big Surprise and a welcome one at that! If you ever travel to Mammoth Cave be sure to check out the mammoth, prehistoric reptile looming nearby!


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