Having a Devil of a Time with Schleich’s Diabloceratops!

I confess I haven’t been feeling much love for Schleich these days. You may disagree, and that’s okay, but IMHO their dinosaur designs just don’t seem to hold up when compared with their competitors. It seems like for every one good model you get five disastrous ones and this year is no different. I decided to pick up their latest Diabloceratops to see if it was worth dethroning my current model of the species from Safari Ltd. I only display a portion of my collection and have a specific shelf dedicated to ceratopsians. I prefer to have only one representative from each species of horned dinosaur on this shelf to highlight their incredible diversity. Schleich’s new offering had the dubious task of unseating Safari Ltd’s and sending it into obscurity along with countless other models I keep in storage. So which one of them remained standing?

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2019 – Year of the Spinosaurus!

This is one blog I had trouble starting because I had no idea where to even begin. I considered just diving into a model review on Safari Ltd’s 2019 Spinosaurus without adding any historical context but felt I’d be doing a disservice to this product (and a few more model reviews slated in the near future) if I did. With so much controversy surrounding Spinosaurus these days, it was only natural that the new designs would be equally divisive and that the model companies would want to quickly jump on board with modern representations. So I’m going to give a quick, simple overview of this amazing dinosaur. The full story is quite fascinating and I encourage anyone out there to check out a NOVA special called “Bigger than T-Rex” which I believe you can see free on YouTube. Anyway, here it goes…

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CollectA’s Elasmotherium is one Mammoth Rhino!

It’s been a while since my last model spotlight which featured Safari Ltd’s beautiful Woolly Rhinoceros. Now I’m back to review one of its equal furry cousins, Elasmotherium – a hulking behemoth the size of a mammoth! In celebration of this immense beast, CollectA has unleashed an equally impressive model and I honestly had no idea how big this sucker was until I saw it with my own eyes! So let’s dive in…

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