CollectA’s Elasmotherium is one Mammoth Rhino!

It’s been a while since my last model spotlight which featured Safari Ltd’s beautiful Woolly Rhinoceros. Now I’m back to review one of its equal furry cousins, Elasmotherium – a hulking behemoth the size of a mammoth! In celebration of this immense beast, CollectA has unleashed an equally impressive model and I honestly had no idea how big this sucker was until I saw it with my own eyes! So let’s dive in…

This animal lived in Eurasia during the Pleistocene. It is believed to have sported a huge horn the length of an adult human; giving it the nickname “Siberian Unicorn.” Rhino horns are made of carotene which doesn’t fossilize – ergo the horn for this animal is hypothetical. Scientists, however, have a good idea it was there due to a bump on the animal’s skull that would have served as its base.

When CollectA announced its 2019 Prehistoric offerings, I have to admit that I wasn’t all that impressed. That is until I saw this one. I’m as excited about prehistoric mammals as I am the dinosaurs and had no representatives of this species in my collection – let alone one as amazing as this. Consequently, I made it a top priority to land one. Since it was love at first sight, however, I never bothered looking into any of the model’s details. Needless to say, when the package arrived, I could tell by its weight that this was going to be much larger than my aforementioned Woolly Rhino. When CollectA uses the word “Deluxe” in their description, they ain’t kidding.

The model is one stunning hunk of plastic! The tufts of hair are very detailed and its pose is dynamic with its tail is upright (which I’m gonna assume is because its charging and not marking its territory).

The color of the model is a lighter shade than I’ve seen with most woolly animals but has dark highlights to create realism. The hair is sculpted with incredible detail as is the animal’s “face.” 

General Appearance: Stunning! This model’s size and pose demands attention, and its had mine since I first saw it online late last year!

Size: 10 inches long and 5.3 inches high. Also, HEAVY!

Articulation: None

Display/Diorama Worthy? Definitely! I currently have mine displayed amongst other models and, obviously, it has no trouble standing out.


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