Having a Devil of a Time with Schleich’s Diabloceratops!

I confess I haven’t been feeling much love for Schleich these days. You may disagree, and that’s okay, but IMHO their dinosaur designs just don’t seem to hold up when compared with their competitors. It seems like for every one good model you get five disastrous ones and this year is no different. I decided to pick up their latest Diabloceratops to see if it was worth dethroning my current model of the species from Safari Ltd. I only display a portion of my collection and have a specific shelf dedicated to ceratopsians. I prefer to have only one representative from each species of horned dinosaur on this shelf to highlight their incredible diversity. Schleich’s new offering had the dubious task of unseating Safari Ltd’s and sending it into obscurity along with countless other models I keep in storage. So which one of them remained standing?

Since I started collecting a few years ago, I’ve noticed there are many models you see online that look much different in person. Usually, that’s a good thing as was the case with my 2019 Safari Ltd. Spinosaurus (discussed in my last post). In the case of Schleich’s Diabloceratops, it was kind of the opposite.

I do agree they did an excellent job with the models colors and patterns. It does stand out amongst most of my other ceratopsian models and although they can overdo it at times, I appreciate their bold palette choices like their Pentaceratops from a few years ago.

I also like the way they detailed the scales and love the head sculpt and eyes. The pattern on the face is really cool and the mouth has a lot detailing as well.

That being said, there’s something that bugs me about this model and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s something to do with the body shape and legs. When it took it out and stood it next to Safari Ltd’s, I appreciated that Schleich’s model was larger but the body seems “off” compared to the other one – as if slightly out of proportion.

General Appearance: Great colors that help it stand out. Best viewed online or from across a room.

Size: 6.1 inches long and 3.62 inches high

Size comparison between Schleich and Safari Ltd Diabloceratops

Articulation: None

Display/Diorama Worthy: Adds some splash to my Ceratopsian shelf but I still prefer Safari Ltd’s overall despite the size difference and drabber color scheme.


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