PAPO Oviraptor paint comparison!

Behold the two versions of PAPO’s oviraptors! Same model but with two different paint jobs; one drab and one bold. The sculpt features the animal caught in the act of egg-stealing…but who will snag a spot on your dinosaur shelf?

First up, it’s the original which, despite a more traditional dino color, is still highly detailed. I love the stripes running along the body that blends well with its color scheme.

Advantages: A well-camouflaged predator rarely goes to bed hungry.

Disadvantages: A well-camouflaged model gets lost on your shelf.

Next up, the newer, more vibrant version. With a color scheme similar to modern cassowaries, that gorgeous neck and head really stand out! I love that blue line running along its body.

Advantages: If it’s male and this creature was sexually dimorphic (like most birds of today) it should have no trouble landing a mate. Also, a great model for display!

Disadvantages: Unless hunting at night, may have a harder time sneaking up on a dinosaur nest.


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