Spinosaurids Gone Crazy – The Lastest from Schleich!

Since my last Spinosaurus model review in August, our concept of the animal has taken yet another turn. Thanks to recent discoveries, we now know that Spino was as much at home in the water as on land. It seems that in addition to its famous sail, it also had elongated tail spines giving it a paddle/oar shape perfect for aquatic navigation. This was big news in the paleontology world as it debunked the universally held belief that there was no such thing as a swimming dinosaur. In one fell swoop, all the spinosaurus models in our collection became fantasy figures; especially those resembling the one featured in Jurassic Park III. Personally, I love seeing new discoveries challenge old beliefs as it keeps the hobby dynamic (if not cost-effective). So for anyone stumbling on this blog in the future, bear in mind this crop of 2019 Spino models were based on discoveries made before the tail revelation. Our next model from Schleich represents my least favorite of the bunch.

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