PNSO’s Essien the Spinosaurus a Jaw-Notch Above the Rest

One of my favorite acquisitions last year was PNSO’s Essien the Spinosaurus. I’ll never forget that day that large box (shipped courtesy of Everything Dinosaur) arrived at my doorstep. PNSO has such gorgeous packaging it’s like unwrapping a holiday gift. The box features a beautiful photo of the model and could practically be displayed on its own. The inside had soft foam dividers ensuring all items were well protected for its journey over the Atlantic. It also comes with a beautiful booklet offering more photos and details of this model. By the time I finished reading it, it felt like I’d bought a new car – and a nice one at that!

PNSO Spinosaurus Essien 1

Like many of PNSO’s larger pieces, this one came with a base. The base has indentations for the model’s feet and this one features a dead sawfish for the creature to feast on. The fish carcass is made with a rubbery material different from the hard base and dinosaur. Both the fish and base are highly detailed. The fish actually looks as if it’s begun decomposing; indicative the Spinosaurus may have scavenged it. In lieu of recent discoveries concerning its tail and the likelihood of it being a swimming dinosaur, a 2020 version might offer a fresher kill. I should note that the Spinosaurus’ hand rests perfectly on the fish for extra (and much needed) support. My model can’t stand on its own for more than two seconds.

At first glance, the colors aren’t quite as brilliant as the box would suggest but it’s still gorgeous. There’s a light green undercoat that causes the individual scales to really pop. All in all, the detailing of this 1:35 scale model itself is off the charts fantastic. Let’s start with the face.

The Spinosaurus’ crocodilian snout is narrow with its scientifically accurate upper jaw notch. There’s also a bit of “blood” on it from the fish. There is a small yellow crest on top of its head and its eyes, though small, really draw attention due to their colors.

The body shows muscle and bone with varying sizes/shapes of its scales. This animal does seem a bit skinny with a pronounced rib cage.

The legs are quite muscular and its feet are webbed.

The tail is not on par with the latest findings but does feature a paddle shape towards the end (so we’ll give it points for that).

General Appearance: It looks so amazing that when my sixteen-year-old son walked in and saw this model for this time he exclaimed, “Whoa! Now that’s a Spinosaurus!”

PNSO Spinosaurus BackPNSO Spinosaurus Essien 1

Articulation: The jaws open and close

Size: A whopper at 19 inches long and nearly 7 inches high!

PNSO Spinosaurus Measurements 1

Display/Diorama worthy? If you could only display one dinosaur in your collection, this would be it! Mine is currently sitting on my Spinosaurus shelf and I’ll share a photo of that in my next post. 

And speaking of which, we’re heading into my final 2019 Spinosaurus model review. This one had all us dinosaur collectors salivating and did not disappoint. Prepare yourself for Papo’s latest work of art…


Essien Spinosaurus Banner

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