Viva Maximo! The Field Museum’s Titanosaurus

2018 was a banner year for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Just as their iconic T-Rex, Sue, was dismantled and relocated upstairs in a more complete representation, they also welcomed the addition of some stunning Pterosaurs and a gigantic Titanosaur. Maximo has now secured his position as the king of Stanley Field Hall and definitely worth making a special trip to see…especially if you plan it on or after December 21st after Sue makes her dramatic return.

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Holy, Toledo! Life-Sized Flying Reptiles at the Zoo!

While taking a weekend road trip with the kids from Chicago to Pittsburgh, we decided to stretch our legs at the Toledo Zoo. I’ve been there before with friends; the last being about five years ago. I had no idea that since that time its become a Prehistoric Pit Stop.

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CollectA goes Full Frontal with Megacerops!

I just returned from visiting the Dakotas while making a few Prehistoric Pit Stops along the way. Ironically, a couple of those excursions tied in with a figure I’d just received before I left – CollectA’s Megacerops. This model is part of their Prehistoric Life Collection and, just like their Deinotherium model I reviewed in my last post, breaks the mold in terms of scientific accuracy! Whereas the previous figure depicted a relative of the modern day elephant, this two-toed ungulate was a member of the Titanothere family which shares ancestry with today’s horses, tapirs, and rhinos. It definitely looks like a rhinoceros cousin with its double horns though, unlike rhinos, these are part of the animal’s skull and “true” horns. Their unique appearance illustrates once again how diverse and amazing our planet’s prehistoric mammals truly were.

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Stunning “Moab Giants” at Utah’s Paleo-Safari!

alt="Jurassic Sauropods Moab"

Last summer I visited a relatively new attraction called Moab Giants: Paleo Safari in Moab, Utah. I’m not being grandiose when I say this was one of the best dinosaur attractions I’ve ever seen! It featured a trail full of lifelike dinosaurs which were enhanced even further by the southwestern landscape. The trail was divided into four parts representing the Late Triassic, Jurassic, and Early/Late Cretaceous Periods. The admission was $16 for adults with Seniors and children 4-15 years old $12 (under 3 FREE). They also offered a 3D video presentation for an extra $5 which we chose to pass on. My buddy and I were far too eager to begin the ½ mile trail boasting over a hundred lifelike dinosaurs to watch a movie!

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Visiting the Waco Mammoth National Monument!


It was one of the last warm weekends of 2016 when I visited the Mammoth National Monument in Waco, Texas. I pulled in around 11 am and one of the tours had already commenced. Each one costs five dollars and the annual National Park Pass I’d purchased a few months earlier wasn’t applicable. Regardless, it was five bucks well spent! I quickly paid for my ticket before running down the path to join the group. The alternative was standing around thirty minutes for the next one. I followed a path down a ravine and found the group sitting on some bleacher stands listening to our guide.

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