Big Mike’s Mosasaur stalks Kentucky!

While visiting Mammoth Cave National Park, we stumbled on a small tourist attraction called Big Mike’s Rock Shop. As a fine of roadside attractions, I was compelled to pull over by its adjoining “Mystery House” and large, replica Mosasaur out in front. Before purchasing our tickets for the funhouse, we decided to walk over and give “Big Mo” a closer look…

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Safari Ltd’s 2017 Tylosaurus: the Cretaceous Tiger of the Sea?

I was really on the fence with purchasing the 2017 Safari Ltd Tylosaurus which is surprising considering how much I love Mosasaurs; particularly this species. Last summer I traveled throughout the southwest and smack dab in what was once prime Tylosaurus territory. In fact, the beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was once the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway and rife with their fossils; one of which (affectionately named “Tyrone”) is on display at the Visitor Center. In that regard, Utah is far from alone as these marine reptiles were some of the world’s most prolific animals and their fossils can be found all over the globe.

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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center’s Monsters of the Deep!


Xiphactinus replica – Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

Although I’m fascinated by the ocean, I confess it scares the Hell out of me. I’m pretty sure it stems from seeing JAWS when I was kid, and that I’m far from alone in that regard. Millions of years ago, however, there were far deadlier creatures lurking in the ocean depths than a rogue great white shark. The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center dedicated lots of space to both bones and replicas of prehistoric sea beasts and I thought it was fantastic!

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