Spinosaurids Gone Crazy – The Lastest from Schleich!

Since my last Spinosaurus model review in August, our concept of the animal has taken yet another turn. Thanks to recent discoveries, we now know that Spino was as much at home in the water as on land. It seems that in addition to its famous sail, it also had elongated tail spines giving it a paddle/oar shape perfect for aquatic navigation. This was big news in the paleontology world as it debunked the universally held belief that there was no such thing as a swimming dinosaur. In one fell swoop, all the spinosaurus models in our collection became fantasy figures; especially those resembling the one featured in Jurassic Park III. Personally, I love seeing new discoveries challenge old beliefs as it keeps the hobby dynamic (if not cost-effective). So for anyone stumbling on this blog in the future, bear in mind this crop of 2019 Spino models were based on discoveries made before the tail revelation. Our next model from Schleich represents my least favorite of the bunch.

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Having a Devil of a Time with Schleich’s Diabloceratops!

I confess I haven’t been feeling much love for Schleich these days. You may disagree, and that’s okay, but IMHO their dinosaur designs just don’t seem to hold up when compared with their competitors. It seems like for every one good model you get five disastrous ones and this year is no different. I decided to pick up their latest Diabloceratops to see if it was worth dethroning my current model of the species from Safari Ltd. I only display a portion of my collection and have a specific shelf dedicated to ceratopsians. I prefer to have only one representative from each species of horned dinosaur on this shelf to highlight their incredible diversity. Schleich’s new offering had the dubious task of unseating Safari Ltd’s and sending it into obscurity along with countless other models I keep in storage. So which one of them remained standing?

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Schleich T-Rex/Volcano Playset Makes us ALL want to be Kids Again!


So happy to welcome my best friend and fellow Dave from Terror from Beyond the Daves, David Albaugh, to this site! David’s going to share his insight on a fantastic new playset we dinosaur fans all want to know about! So, without further adieu…

Growing up in the 70’s was a magical time and a great place to be a kid. Looking back, it’s amazing how times have changed on so many levels. If you wanted to watch cartoons you had to wait for Saturday morning when the three major networks showed a wide variety of animated and live-action fare. If you were lucky enough to pull in UHF stations with your rabbit ears or roof antennas then you would also be able to enjoy cartoons every day in the morning and in the afternoon, the perfect way to get ready for school or to unwind after a long day of being educated.

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A Closer Look at Schleich’s Exclusive Blue T-Rex!

alt="Schleich Blue T-Rex"

Last February at the New York Toy Fair, Schleich unveiled their North America Volcano Playset and us dinosaur collectors spent nearly a year anticipating its release. It’s priced around $100 and, while that may not be in everyone’s budget, it’s well worth it. At nearly two feet long, over a foot tall, and weighing in close to fourteen pounds, you can’t say you aren’t getting what you pay for. It also comes with two dinosaur models; stegosaurus and an exclusive blue T-Rex! A full review of this playset is in the works but today I’m going to take a closer look at this fantastic Tyrannosaur. I confess that most of my excitement revolving this playset was in regard to this piece and was reminded of that when I finally got to hold him in my hands.

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