Exploring the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Part 1!

After roaming the freezing streets of Pittsburgh and admiring good ole “Dippy the Dinosaur,” it was finally time to enter the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. We anxiously purchased our tickets before making our way down an immense corridor leading to the dinosaurs. I knew we were in the right place when I spied their famous “Lion Attacking a Dromedary” display.

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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Spotlights Modern Prehistoric Discoveries!


It was a long drive from Moab, Utah before we’d reach the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Colorado; welcomed by replicas of a Styracosaurus and Daspletosaurus standing proudly outside its entrance. In choosing not to display the more traditional T-Rex and Triceratops, we could already see that this attraction would make good on its slogan of being a “whole new species of fun.” The Styracosaurus’ vibrant colors reinforced that boast as modern research suggests dinosaurs were actually quite colorful rather than the drab hues most of us saw them depicted as having in popular culture.

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The Dinosaur Journey of Western Colorado Showcases America’s Best!


Whenever someone mentions “the Old West,” I’m always more inclined to think about Allosaurus and Utahraptor as opposed to cowboys and Indians. The American southwest is a treasure trove of fossil discoveries and this past summer I finally made my way there. During that trip, I had the privilege of seeing several different dinosaur-themed attractions; most of which that were unplanned. One of the last ones I saw specifically highlighted the prehistoric animals that once lived in this region and appropriately called the Dinosaur Journey of Western Colorado in Fruita. What was intended as just a quick stop to stretch our legs ended up being a morning of discovery!

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