Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Spotlights Modern Prehistoric Discoveries!


It was a long drive from Moab, Utah before we’d reach the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Colorado; welcomed by replicas of a Styracosaurus and Daspletosaurus standing proudly outside its entrance. In choosing not to display the more traditional T-Rex and Triceratops, we could already see that this attraction would make good on its slogan of being a “whole new species of fun.” The Styracosaurus’ vibrant colors reinforced that boast as modern research suggests dinosaurs were actually quite colorful rather than the drab hues most of us saw them depicted as having in popular culture.

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2017 Einiosaurus joins Wild Safari’s Ceratopsian Herd!



Wild Safari Ltd. Einiosaurus

Dinosaur diversity is never more striking than it is with Ceratopsians. The famous Triceratops may be the largest and more famous example of these, but there are many more notable species with unique bony head plates and horn features. While some Paleontologists debate whether or not some of these “different” species aren’t actually the same animals found at different stages of development, we model collectors can rejoice in the fact that toy companies are eager to produce them. This year sees the addition of a new ceratopsid model representation and, Einiosaurus. Interestingly, from TWO different companies; Wild Safari Ltd and CollectA. Last week received my first of these from Wild Safari and here’s the low down…

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