Have you “Herd” about Eofauna’s Straight-Tusked Elephant?

There’s no question, the most endearing order of mammals to me is Proboscidea a.k.a. “trunked” animals like their only living examples, elephants. And what’s not to love? Their majestic stature, fused nose with their upper lips (trunks), and specialized teeth/tusks make them all unmistakable cousins despite their incredible diversity. Every major model company has released members of this order with several standing out as my favorites. I’ve reviewed most of them already such as Safari Ltd.’s Woolly Mammoth and Mastodon, CollectA’s Deinotherium, and Eofauna’s Steppe Mammoth. This year the rogue Eofauna has struck gold again with their incredible sophomore release – Palaeoloxodon antiquus the Straight-tusked elephant.

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In Steppe with Eofauna’s New Mammoth!

Considering my love for modern-day elephants, it’s a wonder I didn’t name this site “Dave’s Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Pachyderms.” The distant relatives of today’s elephants were both impressive and prolific, spanning every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Today we’ll be traveling back to the mid-Pleistocene to what was once Eurasia and focus on Mammuthus trogontherii a.k.a. the Steppe Mammoth. Larger than other mammoth species, we can all give a big “Thanks” to a scientific research company called Eofauna, allowing us model collectors a chance to put one on our own shelves. This is a European company and I ordered mine courtesy of the US-based Dan’s Dinosaurs. Be sure to pay him a visit!

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