Illinois’ Dryptosaurus Stalks Lake County Museum

Due to erosion, fossils from the Mesozoic Era are largely missing from my native Illinois. Despite no dinosaur discoveries, Paleontologists are still pretty sure they were here – reinforced by species of the same dinos found above and below us. One of these is a theropod called Dryptosaurus; a dinosaur I’d never heard of until last week after receiving my monthly newsletter from national horror host, Svengoolie. In it, the man who designed a gorgeous replica of the animal was posing next to it at a museum I’d never heard of despite being just an hour north of me. It was time for another Prehistoric Pit Stop…

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Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Mastodon – it doesn’t get much better than this!

As many of you know, I recently snagged four of Safari Ltd.’s new 2018 models which I immediately tossed in my light box for photos so I could share them, as well as my impressions, with all of you. We’re now up to the fourth and final figure (actually three more arrived on Friday so it’s far from “final”) and, I’m not going lie, I was saving my favorite for last. Simply put, I think their new American Mastodon model is the best of its kind and not just because I’m obsessed with elephants! Before I delve into this little hunk of PVC gold, let’s take a look at the animal itself. Though the Colombian and Woolly Mammoths of the plains often steal the spotlight so far as  the our elephant’s prehistoric relatives are concerned, there was a more bulkier cousin dwelling in the forests.

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Exploring the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Part 1!

After roaming the freezing streets of Pittsburgh and admiring good ole “Dippy the Dinosaur,” it was finally time to enter the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. We anxiously purchased our tickets before making our way down an immense corridor leading to the dinosaurs. I knew we were in the right place when I spied their famous “Lion Attacking a Dromedary” display.

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Mammoths & Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age Traveling Exhibit!

alt="Dave Fuentes Columbian Mammoth

In 2015 I got a chance to see Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age, a traveling exhibit that made its way to my local Field Museum of Natural History. Just as the named implied, the exhibit focused on the amazing relatives (not ancestors) of elephants, the Proboscideans. Personally, I try and visit this Museum at least twice a year and have enjoyed many of their temporary exhibits. This one was by far my favorite and, should it ever make its way to your neck of the woods, you should definitely check it out! Not only was it highly informative and visually appealing, but also encouraged visitors to touch and take photos with many of its lifelike models – definitely not the norm for museums. Continue reading