PAPO Oviraptor paint comparison!

Behold the two versions of PAPO’s oviraptors! Same model but with two different paint jobs; one drab and one bold. The sculpt features the animal caught in the act of egg-stealing…but who will snag a spot on your dinosaur shelf?

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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center Spotlights Modern Prehistoric Discoveries!


It was a long drive from Moab, Utah before we’d reach the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Colorado; welcomed by replicas of a Styracosaurus and Daspletosaurus standing proudly outside its entrance. In choosing not to display the more traditional T-Rex and Triceratops, we could already see that this attraction would make good on its slogan of being a “whole new species of fun.” The Styracosaurus’ vibrant colors reinforced that boast as modern research suggests dinosaurs were actually quite colorful rather than the drab hues most of us saw them depicted as having in popular culture.

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