Quetzalcoatlus Lands at the Field Museum of Natural History!

Maximo isn’t the only new, permanent feature at Chicago’s Field Museum. The immense Titanosaur brought along a few flying reptiles to further engage us until the return of our favorite T-Rex, Sue. Of course, Pterosaurs aren’t new to this museum and even before the big changes a pteranodon hovered over Stanley Field Hall; directing guests to the “Evolving Planet” exhibit upstairs. That model, however, has been dwarfed by its replacement – a life-sized, flying Quetzalcoatlus!

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Milwaukee Zoo’s “Jurassic Journey” Dinosaur Exhibit!


Many zoos around the country offer guests a chance to see prehistoric animals alongside their living ones. This is thanks to the skilled craftsman and animatronic wizards of several companies including Billings Productions, Inc. who offer their clients a selection of over three hundred different prehistoric animals to choose from. As of this date, I’ve seen robotic dinosaurs at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, the North Carolina Zoo, Franklin Park Zoo in New England, and a few in Milwaukee. Although I love Natural history museums and their collection of fossils, these life-like representations are a great way to envision yourself standing before living ones. The Milwaukee County Zoo is about two hours north of me and I make a point to visit them at least twice a year. It’s a decent sized park with elephants, bears, and a large collection of big cats so never disappoints. They’ve featured dinosaurs and even giant bugs every couple years or so, though always with a different selection. The cost is $3 per person (in addition to their regular admission fees) and well worth it!

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