Will the Real REBOR Acrocanthosaurus please stand up?

Awhile back I did a comparison piece on the Papo and REBOR Acrocanthosaurus models. A couple of weeks later I was surprised to receive a message from the REBOR team alerting me to a bit of a snafu regarding it; namely that “their” model photographed in the post wasn’t really theirs at all but a counterfeit! Until that day, I’d always assumed knock-offs were reserved for high end items like Gucci purses or Nike shoes and had no idea that even in the world of dinosaur models consumers needed to be on guard. I thanked them for letting me know and they were kind enough to help me obtain an authentic one. So now I get to do yet another Acrocanthosaurus comparison piece, this time between REBOR and its phony RE-ject!

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