2019 – Year of the Spinosaurus!

This is one blog I had trouble starting because I had no idea where to even begin. I considered just diving into a model review on Safari Ltd’s 2019 Spinosaurus without adding any historical context but felt I’d be doing a disservice to this product (and a few more model reviews slated in the near future) if I did. With so much controversy surrounding Spinosaurus these days, it was only natural that the new designs would be equally divisive and that the model companies would want to quickly jump on board with modern representations. So I’m going to give a quick, simple overview of this amazing dinosaur. The full story is quite fascinating and I encourage anyone out there to check out a NOVA special called “Bigger than T-Rex” which I believe you can see free on YouTube. Anyway, here it goes…

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Illinois’ Dryptosaurus Stalks Lake County Museum

Due to erosion, fossils from the Mesozoic Era are largely missing from my native Illinois. Despite no dinosaur discoveries, Paleontologists are still pretty sure they were here – reinforced by species of the same dinos found above and below us. One of these is a theropod called Dryptosaurus; a dinosaur I’d never heard of until last week after receiving my monthly newsletter from national horror host, Svengoolie. In it, the man who designed a gorgeous replica of the animal was posing next to it at a museum I’d never heard of despite being just an hour north of me. It was time for another Prehistoric Pit Stop…

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