Viva Maximo! The Field Museum’s Titanosaurus

2018 was a banner year for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Just as their iconic T-Rex, Sue, was dismantled and relocated upstairs in a more complete representation, they also welcomed the addition of some stunning Pterosaurs and a gigantic Titanosaur. Maximo has now secured his position as the king of Stanley Field Hall and definitely worth making a special trip to see…especially if you plan it on or after December 21st after Sue makes her dramatic return.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Sue is Movin’ on Up!

Call me biased, but I think Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History is one of the best of its kind. I live and grew up just twenty-five minutes south of the city’s Museum Campus which, in addition to Field, includes the John G. Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium. Between recreational family visits and school field trips these institutions would be a staple of my youth with the Field Museum my favorite. As a child, I was guaranteed to see dinosaurs and maybe even bring one home courtesy of their twenty-five cent Mold-a-Rama machines. By the time Sue entered the scene, I was twenty-nine years old and married with kids of my own. I remember the entire city abuzz with news of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever discovered moving in. “Her” arrival was accompanied by a huge media blitz and I recall driving to work one morning and hearing a local DJ parody the old hit, “Runaround Sue,” about it.

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