Viva Maximo! The Field Museum’s Titanosaurus

2018 was a banner year for the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Just as their iconic T-Rex, Sue, was dismantled and relocated upstairs in a more complete representation, they also welcomed the addition of some stunning Pterosaurs and a gigantic Titanosaur. Maximo has now secured his position as the king of Stanley Field Hall and definitely worth making a special trip to see…especially if you plan it on or after December 21st after Sue makes her dramatic return.

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Safari Ltd.’s Malawisaurus: Out of Africa and Onto Your Shelf!

Though one of the smaller sauropods (and by small I mean over fifty feet and ten tons) Malawisaurus was no less impressive. The animal lived in Africa – specifically what is now Malawi, during the early Cretaceous and is one of the few titanosaurs where skull material has been found. And now, over 90 years later, Safari Ltd. is finally bringing one our shelves.

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